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"Bergamot & Sandalwood", Votive "Bergamot & Sandalwood", Votive
"Bergamot & Sandalwood", Votive

"Bergamot & Sandalwood", Votive

A heady scent of Sandalwood intertwines passionately with the subtly floral and mild citrus undertone of Bergamot. To be used with a heat proof glass jar.
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Scent Inspiration  This blend is heady, matured and perfumie. Inspired by the boudoir of the French era. Woody note. Slight Sandalwood infusion for the perfect blend. 
Scent description
Top note Dark musk of Sandalwood with woody undertones
Base note Mild spicy tone of bergamot
Ideal space:  Dining room, vanity, Living Hall, Entrance,  
Scent strength 5

 * Scent strength is measured by the intensity of scent. 1 being the softest and 5 being the strongest. We understand how some people may like a stronger intense scent vs a softer, muted scent. It does not affect the scent throw or area coverage. Do check the scent strength to choose your best loved scent.

About this item:

Place this votive into a heat resistant candle holder. Candle holder not included. DO NOT BURN WITHOUT PLACING INTO A CANDLE HOLDER AS WAX WILL LEAK OUT AND CAUSE STAINING AND POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARD. Ideal candle holder size diameter of maximum 2 inches will ensure proper burning of votive.

This votive is made from SOY WAX with no toxic additives

We use biodegradable, eco-friendly card boxes with minimal dye prints so you can upcycle or recycle them easily. Each box will be filled with dye free paper fillers to ensure your candles aren't damaged. Support eco-friendly packaging today.

Burn Time for votive: 18 hours

Size of candle: 6cm Height x 4cm tapered diameter

Formula: Clean burning, Triple scented

Wax: Soy Plant Wax

Candle Care Tips

Use VOTIVE with a heat resistant candle holder.
Never burn candle longer than 4 hours.
Never burn unsupervised
Ensure first burn reaches 1 hour or until a good melt pool is formed to ensure long life of your candle usage.
Store in cool area away from direct sunlight to ensure quality of your candle scent