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Hand Poured

About us

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Candle Pit Stop is a story of delivering scents that evokes emotions and triggers memories using the art of aromachology and delivered via scent solutions. Passionately fun , quirky , positive and old school! Translate that into scents and you get a sniff of it in every of our wide blend of scented products. Making a positive impact in your life by delivering awesomely scented aromas with some sassiness!


Founded in 2014, we source the finest fragrances and raw materials to deliver quality crafted scents that are distinctively unique and delivered via aroma solutions using special formulated natural plant based waxes. Our quality is guaranteed, your enjoyment of our products are important to us.


Our current production fascility is in the heart of vibrant Kuala Lumpur and hosts a showroom for our products and upcoming scent solutions, including a fascility to hand pour and formulate our scents and candles, producing up to 1000 candles a day.