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"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes "Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes "Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes "Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes
"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes

"Peach & Coconut" Wax Cubes

Transport yourself to sun-drenched shores and the allure of bronzed skin. Immerse in a tropical oasis where the air carries the gentle whispers of coconut's embrace, the warmth of vanilla's caress, and subtle notes of peach nectar. Made from soy wax. Our wax cubes releases a burst of aroma instantly. Use it with your aroma burner. 6 cubes included. Over 72 hours of usage!
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Scent Inspiration  Inspired by lazy beach days under swaying coconut and summer fruits. Infused with a soft aroma of coconut and peach. A must for those avid beach travelers.
Scent description
Top note Warm Vanilla
Middle note Coconut
Base note Almond , Bergamot, Peach Nectar
Ideal space:  Bedroom,  Vanity,  Reading Room, Chill Out Room
Scent strength 3

* Scent strength is measured by the intensity of scent. 1 being the softest and 5 being the strongest. We understand how some people may like a stronger intense scent vs a softer, muted scent. It does not affect the scent throw or area coverage. Do check the scent strength to choose your best loved scent.

About this item:

  • Made from natural soy wax, these hand poured wax cubes provide a clean burn and are easy to use. Wax cubes does not need a wick flame to emit its fragrance which is a safer alternative to traditional candles, so you can enjoy without the worry of a flame.
  • EASY TO USE – Intended for use with electric wax melt burners, plug in wax warmers, and candle warmers. Simply add one cube to your wax warmer and enjoy the scent. These melting wax cubes will fill your room with a delightful aroma. Perfect for entryways, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, dens.
  • Contains 6 cubes. For bigger spaces, add 2 cubes for a stronger aroma. Each cube can last upto 3 times usage.
  • TO CLEAN - Once there is no more scent emitting from your cube, safely remove the balance wax and put in a new wax cube into your burner.


Contains 6 cubes per packaging. *tea light and aroma burner not included


Use with an aroma warmer. Place one cube into holder. DO NOT ADD WATER. Let your tea light melt the cube and enjoy the burst of aroma immediately. Reuse cube until scent is fully utilized. Throw old cube away and replace with new cube.