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How we create each one

Aromachology of Scents

Meet Our Scent Director


Creating a journey of scents inspired by emotions, images, memories and florals


Candle Pit Stop founder, Jules, has always been keen on scents. Her attention to detail and meticulous focus on process from her background as an aviation engineer fuelled her passion to deliver naturally blended scents to every home with a study on how scents can evoke memories, thoughts, feeling and well being.  She started by selling her first product "Waxbitz" in 2014, which till today, is still her selling product. Introducing Malaysians to natural candles since, Candle Pit Stop begin it’s in house manufacturing of all candles and scents right in Kuala Lumpur.Partnering with certified IFRA premium scent purveyors from USA and Europe, Jules developed her own blend of scents. Today, Jules has created over 30 unique scents (and growing!) specially for Candle Pit Stop, attracting worldwide scent lovers and followers.  Every scent is developed with the highest testing , measurement and ensuring each scent are harmonized to suit every nose . Bridging scents with proprietary wax formulations within her products that are able to deliver the aroma in it's most efficient way, while maintaining the ability to omit toxic additives found in commercial mass produced scented products.


We hope you will enjoy our products as much as Jules has developed each and every one to deliver healthy and natural scented products into your home xxx